Frequently Asked Questions

Synoaccess is an enrollment and advanced sales system for condos.  It allows for advanced sales of parking and amenity wristbands (with or without RFID) to rental guests and enrollment of all owner units.

Q: What is Synoaccess?

A: Synoaccess is a web app platform for Condo renters to purchase their property wristband and/or parking in advance of their stay.


Q:  Who is Synoaccess’s customer?

A: The customer is the condo association of the property.


Q: How do condos sign up with Synoaccess?

A: They sign a multi-year contract.


Q: What does it cost the condo?

A: Synoaccess charges a nominal startup fee and then is paid by the renter guest a transaction fee at the time of purchase. This method keeps startup costs down.


Q: Who is the end customer?

A: The condo owners rent their units to rental guests via VRBO,, etc. These rental guests are the end customer.


Q: What do the rental guests purchase?

A: They purchase their wristbands (with or without RFID technology) to be able to access the property and it’s amenities (beach, pool, gym, lounge, theater, business center) or parking passes to allow them to park on property.


Q: Why do rental guests purchase in advance?

A: They are required to be able to prevent long lines on the date of their arrival. Many properties increase the cost to the rental guests if they wait until their arrival day as they don’t want there to be lines and want good reviews for the property. This also ensures management company compliance as well as positive review of the arrival experience.


Q: How are rental guests entered into the system?

A: The individual unit owners & management companies input the main rental guest’s information and arrival/departure date once they have received confirmation of the unit being rented online. They do this through a web portal that can be accessed on any computer or mobile device. The input process takes less than 90 seconds.


Q: How are the rental guests contacted?

A: Once the unit owner completes inputting the primary rental guest’s information, they are then both Emailed and SMS texted a link. That link allows for them to put in their information and type of vehicle. Once complete, they are able to purchase their wristbands and/or parking pass as well as E-sign their acceptance of all property rules uploaded by staff.


Q: How much do the wristbands and/or parking pass cost the rental guest?

A: The price is determined by the individual condo association and incorporates tax when applicable.


Q: Where do the wristbands come from?

A: The condo association purchases it’s RFID wristbands through multiple suppliers including Synoaccess.


Q: How is the condo association paid?

A: They setup an account tied to the system. They can choose from many secure payment processing systems. We use Stripe most commonly.


Q: Is the condo’s money secure?

A: Yes. We only use PCI compliant payment processors like Stripe. Only the condo association has access to the money. Synoaccess has no access to their account.


Q: Is the property required to have implemented RFID on its gates to participate?

A: Synoaccess can work with properties with and without RFID. Without RFID, it’s usually tied into a security patrol inspecting colored wristbands to verify approved guests and owners. Synoaccess can help a property integrate RFID into their access control.


Q: What if a property only wants to sell parking passes?

A: No Problem. Through our platform QR parking passes with expiring departure dates can be purchased. We can text to the guest their QR code that can be read by certain readers either at the gate itself or by property patrol.